Slot Overview of “Masters of Olympus”

Snowborn Games, a Nordic firm that has previously sought to master Valhalla, has shifted its focus from Norse to Greek mythology. In other words, Masters of Olympus, an online slot that takes inspiration from Masters of Valhalla while making a few small changes, has finally arrived. The majority of the game’s technical aspects have remained the same, so players can still benefit from features like the Zeus Respins with expanding wilds, the Spartan Booster, and the hold ‘n win bonus round, which has a slew of exploding special symbols.

When Masters of Olympus begins, we’re at a lofty location: atop Mount Olympus. Pastels cover the mountain peaks on the right, while Zeus with a bolt of lightning stands to the left of a building in the Greco-Roman style. The cartoonish aesthetic that Snowborn Games employed in Masters of Valhalla has been carried over into Masters of Olympus. Even if the Masters of Olympus slot machine doesn’t appear like a tough Mythology slot, its features and statistics are rather strong.

Now, let’s take a look at the numbers, and keep in mind that the RTP for Masters of Olympus may range anywhere from 0% to 100%. You should always verify the paytable before pressing the spin button, since there are four of them, the highest of which is 96.01%. Players may choose from a 10 p/c to £/€25 per spin betting range, making this game suitable for high-stakes gamblers. The standard layout for Masters of Olympus features a 5×4 grid and 1,024 possible winning combinations.

Three or more identical symbols landing on neighboring reels from the leftmost position earn a win. If you get five diamonds, clubs, spades, or hearts, you win between 1.1 and 1.2 times your bet. When you get five of a type of Aphrodite, Apollo, Ares, or Athena, you win 2 to 3 times your wager. Wild symbols, which may replace for any other symbol outside the bonus, have lightning bolts as well.

Slot Characteristics of “Masters of Olympus”

Collecting wild symbols that appear on the reels increases the probability of activating the Zeus Respins bonus round. Wild symbols on the reels will grow to fill the entire reel when this feature is activated, and a respin will follow. The wild symbol will advance by one square with each respin. Even more wild symbols will grow in size if they appear during the expanding wilds function. When there are no more visible wild symbols, the feature will terminate.

Collection of Zeus Respins Coins

The function collects coin symbols that fall into a meter as they occur. The Olympus Bonus is awarded if three Coin symbols are collected during the feature. However, the Spartan Bonus is granted if the Spartan Booster is at its maximum capacity.

An Extra Symbol

Three bonus symbols appearing anywhere on reels 1, 3, and 5 will also activate the bonus game. The Olympus Bonus, or the Spartan Bonus if the Spartan Booster is full, will be activated at this point as well.

Rejuvenator, Spartan

The Spartan Booster will gather any bonus symbols that appear on reels one and three. Once a player’s meter is full, the Spartan Bonus will be granted instead of the Olympus Bonus the following time the bonus is activated. In the Olympus round, participants are given three chances to try again, but in the Spartan round, they are given four.

Boost from Olympus/Spartan Bonus

Each time a new symbol appears, the bonus resets to the original amount of respins. Indicators could include:

A silver shield can increase your bet by 1-9 times.

A gold shield may increase your bet by a factor of 10–50.

Poseidon, who acts as a multiplier and frees up one of the two blocked rows, is a god of the sea. All symbols in visible rows will be made active.

If Aphrodite appears during a spin, all symbols that appear during that and any subsequent spins will be multiplied by the value displayed.

If Ares appears during a spin, it will add its multiplier to the total value of all other symbols.

When Athena appears on the reels, she brings in a multiplier that is applied to the total value of all symbols on the screen for both the current and subsequent spins.

If Zeus appears on a spin and lands with a multiplier value, that value will be added to the total payout for that spin and all subsequent spins.

When the Apollo symbol appears on a spin, it adds its multiplier value to that of all other symbols on the grid.

When the Hades sign appears, it awards a multiplier and revives all of the Ares and Apollo icons from the previous spin.

A increased probability of landing a symbol other than silver or gold appears at random in “hot spots,” which show on the screen.

Cash in on a Bonus

If the opportunity to buy a bonus is shown to you, you can select from the three available choices by clicking the button. The Olympus Bonus pays out fifty times the wager, the Spartan Bonus awards one hundred times the wager, and the Athena Symbol on the first spin of the Spartan Bonus pays out two hundred and fifty times the wager.

The Slot Judgment of the Gods of Olympus

For those who want to spend their money on the most elaborate bonus round possible, Masters of Olympus is just as fantastic as Masters of Valhalla was. Playing with the Guaranteed Athena bonus buy, which wasn’t an option in the last game, was a lot of fun. Although the Guaranteed Athena in Master of Olympus is reminiscent of the 500x bonus buy in Money Train 3, with its persistent symbol added on, the former game was more clearly influenced by Money Train 2.

Both are prohibitively expensive, but they deliver excellent entertainment when they do. While the train games might become rather chaotic, Masters of Olympus never did. It was outclassed by MT2 and annihilated by MT3, which came later. Snowborn Games’ slots and Relax Gaming’s slots appear to appeal to distinct demographics of gamblers, therefore it would be cruel to compare them in a review like this. According to anecdotal evidence, Masters of Olympus isn’t as harsh or volatile as the Relax Gaming smash hit, and it may even be a bit more forgiving, making it a better fit for players who don’t want to feel like they’ve been repeatedly leveled by a runaway goods train when things go wrong. The maximum win in Masters of Olympus remains at 20,000 times the wager when everything goes well, the same as its predecessor.

Masters of Olympus is just as reliable as it was before and is sure to enthrall the correct player who enjoys this type of entertainment, but it doesn’t feel like it was designed to destroy the hold ‘n win scene and flaunt absurd levels of originality.

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